The Planning Committee for the Development of the State of Quintana Roo was formed after the constitutional government was put in place. This body was given the task of conducting the public consultation for the preparation of the State Development Plan 2016-2022.This Plan establishes an order of public action by the government in the short, medium and long terms.

In its structure a strategic relationship between citizenship and government is maintained and it is composed of five guiding axes:

- Economic Development and Diversification with Opportunities for All

- Governance, Security and Rule of Law- Modern Government, Reliable and Close to People

- Social Development and Combating Inequality- Ordered Growth with Environmental SustainabilityEach of these axes contains a general objective with its respective strategy is integrated by strategic programs, these in turn have lines of action.

This guiding document contains specific goals for each strategic program, which are quantifiable and therefore subject to evaluation; it also has indicators, measuring instruments that serve to achieve objectives and goals raised in relation to impacts, results and products.The operation and evaluation of the State Development Plan rests on the Results-Based Budget model with the objective of improving the impacts of government spending on long-term strategic actions for the benefit of the population.Quintana Roo is on the way to a state with opportunities for all; with social equality and economic development; with an orderly and sustainable urban growth; with security and the rule of law.