Climate Coin Foundation

Fran Benedito is the President of the Climatecoin Foundation and co-founder of Climatecoin, a new and innovative cryptocurrency designed to fight climate change.

Mr. Benedito started his first company at the age of 16, an online bookstore in Spain. He worked in banking for 14 years, running an M&A firm and acting as regional manager for a leading bank focussed on wealth management and technology.  He has founded a number of different tech start-ups and often acts as an independent investment advisor. He is passionate about business and technology, especially the potential of blockchains to combat climate change. His focus today is to grow Climatecoin into an organisation that can make a positive impact in the world. Born in Spain and fluent in 4 languages, Mr. Benedito has a degree in Law in Ceu San Pablo University of Spain, an MBA in the CEU San Pablo, Sorbonne and Nanterre University, and a PDD in IE Business School Spain.