The power of data is undeniable. Whether its big data, fast data or personal data, data creates a world that enables smarter decisions, breakthrough discoveries and deeper connections.

At Western Digital, we believe in the power of data and are redefining how the world keeps and leverages it. In 2016, Western Digital partnered with the United Nations Global Pulse to launch the Data for Climate Action Challenge, an open innovation challenge harnessing big data and data science to catalyze action on climate change. This challenge is an incubator for public/private collaborations that will open access to data and inform more effective policy and solutions for global humanitarian efforts such as the Sustainable Development Goals.

With only 0.5% of available data in the world today actually being analyzed (IDC), Western Digital is committed to supporting efforts and collaborations that broaden data’s use and allow the world to tap into all that data makes possible. 

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