SkyMining reverses the carbon flow in the biosphere and will take society Beyond Sustainable™️.

Through SkyMining we can produce enough solid and liquid fuels from CO2 to replace all oil and coal while causing net reductions of atmospheric carbon levels. Once we have scaled the replacement of fossil fuels with clean, non-polluting and carbon negative alternatives we will expand to food and fiber production, all in a way that restores soils and ecosystem function.

The profound difference between the 1% decarbonisation we have experienced through wind and solar and the 35% decarbonisation we would have had through SkyMining, for the same investment, is a difference that mankind can no longer afford to ignore. The road to a non-emitting future for energy, food and fiber production is, without SkyMining, paved with annual gigaton emissions that will ruin our ecology long before new methods and technologies can save us.

We envision a world where the pursuit of prosperity and growth is decoupled from degradation, depletion and emissions and instead coupled with ecological regeneration and negative emissions. SkyMining is by far the fastest way to make this happen, while generating above average returns for all local and global stakeholders.