"Indonesian Biofuel Producers Association" (hereinafter referred to as APROBI), domiciled in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The purpose and objective of establishing APROBI are as follows:

1. Associating private business entities in biofuels industry.

2. Unifying all the business sectors in the biofuels industry in Indonesia to become the power of economic to increase the prosperity of the community, the nation and the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

3.  Being a partner for the Central  Government  and  Local Government in order to develop the policies for competitiveness improvement in both national and international markets.   

Members and capacity Installed :

Biodiesel, 23 Companies with installed capacities 11.966.032 KL/year

Bioethanol, 1 Company with installed capacity of 10.000 KL/year

With the intention to support the program of Government in developing and using biofuels as a renewable energy, then in 2005 some companies that produce both bioethanol and biodiesel was established. In order to make the support becomes more effective, the companies agreed and formed the Association of Indonesian Biofuel Producers / APROBI in late 2006. Since then, for 10 years APROBI continue to cooperate with the government and all stakeholders to pursue the development of biofuels in Indonesia as well as fight in the International Forum.