Republic of Ecuador

Tarsicio Granizo (born 17 May 1962) is an Ecuadorean biologist, researcher and planner for 35 years in environmental conservation for governmental and non-governmental organizations in several countries
in Latin America. He has authored and co-authored several scientific publications in Ecuador and other countries. He was appointed Minister of the Environment on 24 May 2017. Has a degree in Biological Sciences from the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador and studies in Ecoauditories and Environmental Business Planning of the Institute of Ecological Research in Malaga – Spain.

Work experience

• Coordinator of the Amazon Coordination Unit (2016-2017), and responsible for the Strategy of
Protected Areas and Indigenous Territories and the Policy Component of the Amazon Initiative
(2013-2016), at WWF (World Conservation Organization);
• Undersecretary of Policies and Planning in the Coordinating Ministry of Heritage (2009-2013);
• Director of External Affairs for Latin America and South America (2006-2009); Acting Director
of the Andes del Sur Conservation Program (2008-2009); Senior Science Advisor for Protected
Areas Systems of South America (2004-2006); Director and Specialist of Conservation
Programs and Protected Areas (1998-2004), in The Nature Conservancy (TNC);
• Coordinator and Consultant of the Wetlands Program for South America at the International
Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) (1994-1998);
• Technical Director of the Antisana Foundation (1993-1994).