In 2014 he was chosen as a Vice Mayor by the City Council. Since 2004 he was elected by citizens of his constituency directly to the Council.

He is member of the Green Party since 1983.


Memberships and committee work:

Chairman of the Transport Committee

Board member Association of German Cities (NRW)

Board member of the Franco-German Committee of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR)

since 2016 Ambassador of Climate Alliance (Cop 22 und Cop 23)

Various working committees of the City Council

Member of the City Association Lesbian, Gay, Transgender


He was born in 1964 on the countryside in West Germany. Since 2013 he married his long-time partner.

He is a proud father of two daughters from a previous marriage. He is working as a Master of Business Administration in the Controlling department of a large service company.