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Electric Mobility: Decarbonizing the Transport Sector

Decarbonizing the transportation system remains one of the key challenges in implementing the aims of the Paris Agreement, as vehicle electrification requires transformative changes to technologies, supporting infrastructure and public attitudes to replace the existing system.

This webinar draws together leading experts from industry, academia and the public sector to discuss the following:

  • What are the current trends and good practice stories emerging from the electric vehicle sector?
  • What remain the key barriers to scaling roll out?
  • How are different sectors and organisations working together to facilitate the transition?


   Dr. Thomas Becker,  

   Vice President Governmental and External Affairs 
   BMW Group


   Dr Daniel Sperling,

   Professor of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science and Policy and Founding Director,
   Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis

Andy Eastlake,
Managing Director,
Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership

Anna Watson, 

Head of Conference Production,
Climate Action


Who attended this webinar?

  • Local and national transport policy makers
  • City planners
  • EV manufacturers and technology developers
  • Transportation solution technology developers
  • Smart grid and storage solution providers
  • Transportation policy think tanks
  • Industry associations

Why listen?

  • Understand the latest innovations in the field of EVs and supporting infrastructures
  • Discover the latest steps towards cross sector working and large scale roll out
  • Glimpse the future impact of electric mobility of urban living

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